Lift Bag

Item No. AC-43 Series
- AC-43-8 250Kg Lift Bag

- AC-43-9 500Kg Lift Bag

- AC- 43-10 1000Kg Lift Bag

- Floatation Device that would dependably withstand particularly abusive conditions.

- Pillow shape allows the bag to used in any position upright or flat, outside or inside of structures.

- High strength, Low Elasticity and Superior Resistance to Abrasion and Chemical Attack.

- Heavy-Duty, Ballistic-Rated Nylon Fabric Coated with Urethane.

- Easy-to-operate Fill and Dump Valves.

- Multiple Nylon Lift Straps Sewn Directly to Bottom.

- Lift Capacities: 250kg(550 lbs) forAC-43-8
500kg(1.100 lbs) forAC-43-9
1000kg(2200 lbs) forAC-43-10.