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Instructions for use of fins

Strap fins have an adjustable heel strap. It is recommended that you wear dive boots to prevent chafing and for protection on rocks or coral. Fins that have a shoe will protect you against rocks and coral but require much greater care in fitting.

To glide through the water, keep your fins underwater while kicking in a slow up-and-down motion. Bend your knees only slightly and allow your ankles to flex freely. Use your entire leg for greatest efficiency. Vertical kicking is the only motion that will propel you forward. Sideways kicking will use your energy and yield disappointing results.

Tips for maintenance of masks, snorkels and fins

Your mask, fins, and snorkel should be rinsed thoroughly with clean, fresh water after every use. Be sure to rinse any salt water away if you have been in the ocean. Store them" in a cool dry place with no exposure to the sun for longer life.

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