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How to Choose a Mask?

A wide variety of masks are available. You can choose from numerous colors and shapes. The best ones offer maximum vision area with low volume.
To ensure proper fit, hold the mask against your face (without the strap) and inhale through your nose. If the mask stays snugly against your face, you have a good seal.

How to clear water from your mask?

Water may seep into your mask while you are in the water. This could be caused by hair between your face and your mask, or if the shape of your face changes when you laugh, talk or yawn.
To clear the water, tilt your head back slightly and press the top of your mask tightly against your forehead. Exhale slowly through your nose forcing the water out through the lower edge of the mask. You will be able to clear all the water by following this method.
Diving masks tend to become foggy. Simply rub saliva on the inside of the mask and rinse with water. This technique should prevent fogging.

About the effects of pressure on the mask

As you dive deeper, you may notice the effects of greater water pressure. Your mask will press harder against your face below 6 to 10 feet. To equalize this pressure just exhale slowly through your nose into your mask.

How to equalize the pressure on your ear drum?

Another effect of greater pressure may be discomfort in your ears. To equalize this pressure, pinch your nose between your thumb and forefinger and blow gently through your nose.

How to Choose a Snorkel?

Two features must be considered when selecting your snorkel. The first is the mouthpiece. Generally a soft silicone that will be comfortable in your mouth. Second is the bore, or diameter, of the tube. This will be determined by your lung capacity. Generally, larger people have larger lungs and can use a larger bore.

Instructions for use of a snorkel

A snorkel can work only when the top of the tube stays above the surface of the water. Attach your snorkel to your mask strap to keep it in the proper position (left side of head). At times water may enter the snorkel due to waves or if you bend your head too far backward or forward. When this happens, exhale sharply to expel any water that enters.

Please keep the following in mind when using snorkels

A. You must be a competent swimmer before you attempt snorkeling.
B. Do not snorkel alone. Always dive with someone else.
C. Do not snorkel in high waves or strong currents.
D. Practice in a shallow area or in a pool.

How to Choose Your Fins?

The size of the blade will be determined by your size and strength. Also the kind of diving, swimming and/or snorkeling you plan on will determine the fins you choose. Your professional diving instructor will help you choose the fins that are best for you and the kind of diving you wish to do.

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